[XeTeX] Mac OS X Savoye

Adam Twardoch list.adam at twardoch.com
Mon Nov 28 07:43:50 CET 2005

Jonathan Kew wrote:
> Ugh -- I've never seen an actual font name with a colon in it! (Or 
> period, I think.) Both of those may present problems.
Unfortunately, some of the older Letraset/ITC fonts have such names and 
they're still being sold. They were bundled with a variety of products 
so they will be around for quite some time. Altogether, I believe 
allowing esacpe sequences (\., \:) or alternatively, allowing to address 
a font by its path name would be a remedy.
> The "1.0" looks suspiciously like a version number, which shouldn't 
> normally be included in a font name; there's a separate field for 
> version information in the fonts. So (assuming this is indeed version 
> information, not really part of the actual name, conceptually), one 
> could argue that the font is incorrect.
It is correct. Colon and period are legal characters in terms of the 
font format specification. So they can appear in family or full names, 
though it's obviously not recommended. They should not appear in 
PostScript font names. In this particular case, the PS Font Name is 
"SavoyeLetPlain", the family name is "Savoye LET" and the full name is 
"Savoye LET Plain:1.0".


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