[XeTeX] XeTeX 0.9 is available

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Thu Feb 24 16:08:37 CET 2005

After a too-long delay (with too many other things to do!), a new 
release of XeTeX is available for those intrepid folks who'd like to 
try it.

Some highlights of the new release include:
• moved to TeXLive 2004 codebase (new Web2C and kpathsearch)
• format files are now .fmt, not .xfmt -- no longer need to patch 
• no longer needs to install special .otf versions of legacy Computer 
Modern and other fonts
• implemented \XeTeXinputencoding and \XeTeXdefaultencoding primitives
• added \special{x:fontmapfile} and \special{x:fontmapline} for dynamic 
fontmap modification
• added alpha support to dvips-style "color" \specials
• fixed the infinite-[][][][] bug (see the XeTeX FAQ), so special 
extra_mem_bot settings are no longer needed
• fixed hyphenation bug that could occur when a word using a "native" 
font was followed by an explicit kern

Note that this release is based on TeXLive 2004 sources, and should be 
a "better citizen" in a TL2004 setup. Enough things have changed/moved, 
however, that there may well be some bumps in the road; it works well 
for me with gwTeX 2004 "stable", but I haven't got the time and 
resources to test every other configuration you can dream up.

It's available via i-Installer, or as a .dmg with an Apple Installer 

The documentation (such as it is!) hasn't yet been updated to describe 
the new features, but I'll try to get to that shortly.



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