[XeTeX] CJK and ideographic font names

Paolo Matteucci p.matteucci at soton.ac.uk
Thu Sep 9 23:04:56 CEST 2004

Il giorno 09/set/04, alle 21:48, Jonathan Kew ha scritto:

>> You're right, of course... but I had tried that, and XeTeX issued the 
>> same error message... well almost: "! Font 
>> \U/stkaiti/m/n/17.28=STKaiti at 17.28pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) 
>> file or ATSUI font not found"...
> That's odd, it worked for me when I tried your file. I don't have the 
> CJK package, though, and I had commented out the lmodern, textcomp, 
> inputenc, and maybe one or two others that seemed likely to conflict.
>> This time, though, I ignored it and entered \nonstopmode and 
>> -consistently enough- nothing came out *except* the Chinese!
> I got *some* of the other text when I tried, but not all--I think the 
> tipa stuff wasn't showing up, or something like that. I have no idea 
> how those fonts are set up.

The tipa package seems indeed to be the culprit... That's a pity, 
because tipa is the best package for IPA fonts I've ever tried -true: 
it doesn't use Unicode (although the ucs package allows for a "tipa" 
option), but does exploit all TeX "programmability": e.g., no Unicode 
font will ever be able to contain all the theoretically possible 
combinations of Chao's "tone letters", but, of course, TeX can 
"generate" any of them...


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