[XeTeX] about the using \somefont/B or \somefont/I

Dalyoung haksan at mac.com
Tue Nov 2 13:50:20 CET 2004

Dear Jonathan,

Yes, your test file and \fontspec{} are working well. I am sorry that I 
didn't make it clear.
I should ask more clearly.
I have tested some korean fonts using \fontspec{}, it worked but no 
bold face.

As you test, "\fontspec{AppleMyungjo Regular}" is working well since it 
has only regular form.
But for the font which has light, bold, and extra bold shape, 
"\fontspec{name-of-font}" didn't assign bold shape.
Since the font family name of korean font usually has "regular, 
medium..." at the end, I may assume that "name-of-font/B" is not 
working well as I posted before.
Hence, I have to define one by one, that is, normal, bold, light, etc.

But, an english font definition, for example, \fontspec{Hoefler Text} 
define all the shape at once. I'd like to know is there an easy way to 
define shape at once like english fonts.
I may ask too much.
Even though there is no way, it is OK since I can define font shape 
using \fontspec several times.

Here are names of some korean fonts in case.
"Yoonche Medium, YoonChe Light, YoonChe Bold, YoonChe Extrabold"
"smType Medium, smTypeLight, smType Demibold, smType bold"

Thank you for your help.


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