[XeTeX] about the using \somefont/B or \somefont/I

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Tue Nov 2 14:35:19 CET 2004

On 2 Nov 2004, at 12:50 pm, Dalyoung wrote:

> Dear Jonathan,
> Yes, your test file and \fontspec{} are working well. I am sorry that 
> I didn't make it clear.
> I should ask more clearly.
> I have tested some korean fonts using \fontspec{}, it worked but no 
> bold face.

OK.... sorry, I misunderstood your message.

> As you test, "\fontspec{AppleMyungjo Regular}" is working well since 
> it has only regular form.
> But for the font which has light, bold, and extra bold shape, 
> "\fontspec{name-of-font}" didn't assign bold shape.
> Since the font family name of korean font usually has "regular, 
> medium..." at the end, I may assume that "name-of-font/B" is not 
> working well as I posted before.
> Hence, I have to define one by one, that is, normal, bold, light, etc.

The exact name shouldn't matter, but the /B option depends on Apple 
Type Services recognizing the family relationships of the fonts; 
perhaps they don't have the proper names and other information to have 
a plain/bold relationship that ATS can recognize.

Naming varies even among English fonts; for example
	"Palatino/B"  ->  "Palatino Bold"
	"Times Roman/B"  ->  "Times Bold"
	"Hoefler Text/B"  ->  "Hoefler Text Black"

> But, an english font definition, for example, \fontspec{Hoefler Text} 
> define all the shape at once. I'd like to know is there an easy way to 
> define shape at once like english fonts.
> I may ask too much.
> Even though there is no way, it is OK since I can define font shape 
> using \fontspec several times.

If ATS doesn't recognize the plain/bold relationship, then that's what 
you'll have to do, I'm afraid.

> Here are names of some korean fonts in case.
> "Yoonche Medium, YoonChe Light, YoonChe Bold, YoonChe Extrabold"
> "smType Medium, smTypeLight, smType Demibold, smType bold"

I'd be curious whether the "Bold" (cmd-B) command in TextEdit works 
with these fonts, though that's not always a reliable indication of 
what ATS and XeTeX will do, as there may be additional features in 
Cocoa that affect the result.

I don't have these, or any Korean fonts that include multiple weights, 
as far as I can see. Are these included with OS X as an optional 
package, or are they available for download somewhere? Without access 
to the fonts, I can't do much to investigate further.


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