[XeTeX] Re: otf files

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Tue Dec 21 12:39:35 CET 2004

On 21 Dec 2004, at 11:25 am, Michael Zedler wrote:

>>>> Installing the otf files in a Mac, other applications like textedit 
>>>> just see lots of "Computer Modern - Regular" fonts. Is it possible 
>>>> to alter this behaviour, please? Actually, I'd be happy to be able 
>>>> to just select "CMSY10".
>> This would mean changing the name table entries from the defaults 
>> that FontLab created; I suppose this could be done, it would just 
>> require some revision of the conversion script.
>> But if you want to use CM-style typefaces in standard Mac 
>> applications, how about using Gerben's Latin Modern package? As I 
>> understand it, those fonts should serve this purpose. The .otf's that 
>> ship with XeTeX were never intended to be used this way (and I'd 
>> expect there will be encoding "peculiarities" because of the 
>> non-standard character encoding used in the CM fonts).
> Hi, thanks for your quick answer. Actually, the only TeX-fonts I'd 
> like to use are the math ones, in particular cmsy and msam.
> Even better if I wouldn't have to save the (subsetted version of the) 
> font, so it would be included once globally for the pdf (thus reducing 
> the file size).

Presumably you could use FontForge to create new copies of the fonts 
with names (and encoding) to suit your particular needs. That might be 
the quickest (though non-standard) way forward.


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