[XeTeX] ColorSync error

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Dec 21 16:21:43 CET 2004

Attempting to include a JPEG logo in a plain TeX document in XeTeX, 
with code

	 \setbox\logobox=\hbox{\XeTeXpicfile "legi150.jpg"}
       \divide\logoheight by\mag
       \multiply\logoheight by1000
       \setbox\logobox=\hbox{\XeTeXpicfile "legi150.jpg" 

I get an error "Error creating cg colorspace from csync profile".

Going to system.log for another purpose, I found this:

> Dec 21 15:24:07 localhost xdv2pdf: GraphicsImportGetColorSyncProfile 
> was called for an image that has a ColorSync profile, but the base 
> graphics importer will perform ColorSync matching, so a generic 
> profile is being returned to avoid incorrect matching.  To opt out of 
> automatic ColorSync matching and access actual embedded profiles, set 
> the kGraphicsImporterDontUseColorMatching flag.

I'm reporting it in case that could be useful, I won't be able to 
investigate further.

Bruno Voisin

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