[XeTeX] Re: otf files

Michael Zedler Michael.Zedler at tum.de
Tue Dec 21 12:25:04 CET 2004

>>> Installing the otf files in a Mac, other applications like textedit 
>>> just see lots of "Computer Modern - Regular" fonts. Is it possible to 
>>> alter this behaviour, please? Actually, I'd be happy to be able to 
>>> just select "CMSY10".

> This would mean changing the name table entries from the defaults that 
> FontLab created; I suppose this could be done, it would just require 
> some revision of the conversion script.
> But if you want to use CM-style typefaces in standard Mac applications, 
> how about using Gerben's Latin Modern package? As I understand it, 
> those fonts should serve this purpose. The .otf's that ship with XeTeX 
> were never intended to be used this way (and I'd expect there will be 
> encoding "peculiarities" because of the non-standard character encoding 
> used in the CM fonts).

Hi, thanks for your quick answer. Actually, the only TeX-fonts I'd like 
to use are the math ones, in particular cmsy and msam.
Even better if I wouldn't have to save the (subsetted version of the) 
font, so it would be included once globally for the pdf (thus reducing 
the file size).


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