[uktug-committee-public] Introductions

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Thu Oct 31 10:22:26 CET 2019

  Arthur Reutenauer: I have been a TeX user for twenty years, starting
when I was a maths student, and a TeX hacker for almost as long.  My
interests revolve around languages and scripts, and I maintain a number
of LaTeX packages related to the same: hyph-utf8, polyglossia, luabidi,
although I mostly use ConTeXt for my own documents.  I am also on the
board of several other TeX users group (vice president of TUG, secretary
of the ConTeXt Group).  Having moved to Sweden in 2016 after six years
in London, I believe I’m the only UK-TUG committee member not currently
living in the UK.



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