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Dear TeXers

October just ended with the Halloween extravaganza here, and we are back
to the (slightly) less scary news.

First, 2019 will be an election year for TUG. See
https://tug.org/election/ for the nomination form, deadlines, and all
other information, and consider running for the open positions.

The fresh issue of IEEE Annals of the History of Computing (40:3) is
devoted to the history of desktop publishing. Of course, TeX is included
there: the issue has the first part of the paper by Barbara Beeton,
Karl Berry and David Walden ``TeX: A Branch of Desktop Publishing
Evolution'', and David Walden's interview with Charles Bigelow, where
TeX and DEK are also discussed.

There is news about our flagship publication as well. As we announced
online, the TUG Board has decided to radically shorten the embargo on
TUGboat: now only the latest issue is for members only (see the details
at https://tug.org/TUGboat/survey.html). As issue 39:2 is now published
(https://tug.org/TUGboat/tb39-2/), two older issues are now available to
the general public: https://tug.org/TUGboat/tb38-3/ and
https://tug.org/TUGboat/tb39-1/. Happy reading!

Another announcement. The Laboratory for Research and Experimentation of
New Assistive Technologies for STEM "S. Polin" of the Department of
Mathematics of the University of Turin is looking to fill a one-year
position. We know the laboratory because of their work on accessibility
& LaTeX, featured at TUG'18; the new position involves, among other
things, LaTeX package development, see
http://www.integr-abile.unito.it/en/research/activities/. Please contact
Anna Capietto <anna.capietto at unito.it> for further details.

By the way, if you are looking to advertise a TeX-related job, you may
want to contact us at TUG.  We have a job board web page, and would
be happy to update it at any time.

Some news about TeX education, in languages other than English:
Vafa Khalighi opened a Persian TeX YouTube channel,
and a new LaTeX course in Russian by Eugene Strakhov is on the EduTeX
page, https://tug.org/twg/edutex/. More courses in many languages can be
found at the address above.

October brought us several new packages on CTAN:

- brandeis-problemset, a document class for COSI Problem sets at
  Brandeis University
- changelog, providing a changelog environment
- cluttex, an automatic tool for running LaTeX with clean working
- colorprofiles, a collection of free ICC profiles
- ditaa for making ditaa diagrams within LaTeX documents
- facture-belge-simple-sans-tva for typesetting Belgian invoices
- grabbox for reading argument into a box and executing the code afterwards
- identkey for typesetting bracketed dichotomous identification keys
- pgf-cmykshadings, supporting CMYK and grayscale shadings in PGF/TikZ
- pst-moire, a PSTricks package to draw moire patterns
- srdp-mathematik for typesetting Austrian SRDP in mathematics
- thesis-qom, the thesis style of the University of Qom, Iran
- tlcockpit, a GUI front end to TeX Live Manager (tlmgr)
- zhlineskip for line spacing in CJK documents

Finally, a new (November 2018) edition of The Unofficial LaTeX Manual
is now available at https://latexref.xyz.

Happy TeXing,
Boris Veytsman (TUG President)

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