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TUG Business
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General Delivery
From the president 
  Boris Veytsman      [Introductory — conferences, EduTeX group, LaTeX wikibook, institutional memberships]
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton      [Introductory — typography and TUGboat news]
    Contents of TUGboat issues online;     Birthday celebration for Donald Knuth;     Public appearances by Don Knuth (online);     The Doves Type: reprise;     The Go fonts go Greek;     Calcula, an experimental display typeface;     Extra Bold: A forgery foiled
Collecting memories of the beginnings of desktop publishing 
  David Walden      [Introductory — informal report of a meeting of desktop publishing pioneers]
    The transcript of the entire meeting is available.
Interview: Michael Sharpe 
  David Walden      [Introductory — long-time user of TeX and recently active in the TeX fonts world]
Advertising TeX 
  Hans Hagen      [Introductory — TeX, Word, natural languages, recursion]
The DuckBoat—News from TeX.SE: Asking effective questions 
  Carla Maggi      [Introductory — creating minimal working examples, accepting answers on StackExchange, and more]
Review and summaries: The History of Typographic Writing—The 20th century, Volume 2 (ch. 6–8+) 
  Charles Bigelow      [Intermediate — third of three installments; chapter-by-chapter summaries for vol. 2 (1950–2000), ch. 6–8 and end materials]
         Combined three-part review.
Serifed Greek type: Is it “Greek”? 
  Antonis Tsolomitis      [Intermediate — origin and discussion of Athenais, a new titling font based on a pedestal in the Athens Parthenon]
ConTeXt for beginners 
  Willi Egger      [Intermediate — tutorial introduction to ConTeXt: page layout, headers, tables, figures, fonts]
Art Concret, Basic Design and meta-design 
  Marcel Herbst      [Intermediate — history and programs linking l'art concret, Basic Design, and MetaPost]
The current state of the PSTricks project, part II 
  Herbert Voß      [Intermediate — new PSTricks packages and features]
Glisterings: Reading lines; paragraph endings; in conclusion 
  Peter Wilson 
         Reading external files; Paragraph final lines; Concluding the Glisterings
DocVar: Manage and use document variables 
  Zunbeltz Izaola, Paulo Ney de Souza      [Intermediate — package to handle general document metadata]
Set my (pdf)pages free 
  David Walden      [Introductory — using the pdfpages package to overcome inadvertent protection]
Automatic generation of herbarium labels from spreadsheet data using LaTeX 
  R. Sean Thackurdeen, Boris Veytsman      [Intermediate — using datatool and more to automatically create standard herbarium labels]
Typesetting actuarial symbols easily and consistently with actuarialsymbol and actuarialangle 
  David Beauchemin, Vincent Goulet      [Intermediate — including correct pre/post sub-/super-script positioning around principal symbols]
Software & Tools
Converting TeX from WEB to cweb 
  Martin Ruckert      [Advanced — automatic conversion to CWEB, with comparisons to Web2C and LuaTeX]
dvisvgm: Generating scalable vector graphics from DVI and EPS files 
  Martin Gieseking      [Intermediate — thorough discussion of dvisvgm's development and notable features]
Tricky fences 
  Hans Hagen      [Advanced — extensible delimiters, regular characters, and controlling spacing differences in LuaTeX]
Testing indexes: testidx.sty 
  Nicola Talbot      [Advanced — test methodology and exhaustive comparisons of makeindex, xindy, glossaries, and more]
A note on \linepenalty 
  Udo Wermuth      [Advanced — thorough analysis of how \linepenalty affects line breaking, with comparison with \looseness]
Hints & Tricks
The treasure chest 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — new CTAN packages, August–October 2017]
Comics: Typeface; Elefonts 
  John Atkinson 
Hints & Tricks
Another seasonal puzzle: XII take II 
  David Carlisle      [Advanced — fun with plain TeX]
Book Reviews
Book reviews: Shady Characters and The Book by Keith Houston 
  Peter Wilson      [Reports and notices — review of these two books on the history and present of typography and books]
         See the TUG books page for all book reviews and discounts.
Die TeXnische Komödie 3/2017   420 
MAPS: Contents of issue 47 (2017)   420 
TeX consulting and production services   421-422 
Practical TeX 2018 announcement 
         Conference page.
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