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please mail me yr MWF so that I can help u

On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 7:25 PM, Paul Thomas <paulfthomas at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to LaTeX, and I am trying to write in Devanagari with it.  I have
> the "devnag" package, and when I use it, Devanagari script comes out, but
> not correctly.
> I think there is something I am missing in my setup, because I noticed in
> the .tex file of the manual to the Devanagari package that the author
> actually didn't use the standard roman transliteration style to output
> Devanagari script.  In other words, in the manual it tells you how to write
> the Devanagari using the relatively straightforward scheme developed by
> Velthuis, but in the actual TeX code of the manual the author uses
> something different!
> Now, when I copy the passages written in the .tex file of the manual that
> output Devanagari, it comes out clear.  So, when I use the scheme that I'm
> meant to be using, and write:
> {\devnag dharmak.setre kuruk.setre\\ samavetaa yuyutsava.h\\ maamakaa.h
> paa.n.davaa"scaiva kimakurvata sa.mjaya}
> I get a jumble of Devanagari characters which in part resembles what I
> wanted to see.  However, when I copied what was actually in the .tex file
> of the manual to produce the same verse:
> {\dn Dm\0\322w\?/\? \7{k}z\322w\?/\? smv\?tA \7{y}\7{y}(sv,.\\
> mAmkA, pA\317wXvA\396w\4v Ekm\7{k}v\0t s\2jy..\par}
> Then it comes out right.
> It seems there is some kind of file that I haven't put in the right place
> or something along those lines.
> I am using a Mac.  Also, I am new to LaTeX as well as to the hands-on style
> of dealing with the computer, so please be very clear and basic.  I am
> learning how to use commands in the Terminal program, etc., and don't know
> a lot of the concepts and language.
> Does anyone know what I should do?
> Another subsidiary question: Why does the author of the manual use this
> other incomprehensible scheme to get the Devanagari output for his manual,
> and not the straightforward Velthuis scheme?
> Thank you,
> Paul
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