[Tugindia] Devnag package

Paul Thomas paulfthomas at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 15:55:13 CEST 2013


I am new to LaTeX, and I am trying to write in Devanagari with it.  I have
the "devnag" package, and when I use it, Devanagari script comes out, but
not correctly.

I think there is something I am missing in my setup, because I noticed in
the .tex file of the manual to the Devanagari package that the author
actually didn't use the standard roman transliteration style to output
Devanagari script.  In other words, in the manual it tells you how to write
the Devanagari using the relatively straightforward scheme developed by
Velthuis, but in the actual TeX code of the manual the author uses
something different!

Now, when I copy the passages written in the .tex file of the manual that
output Devanagari, it comes out clear.  So, when I use the scheme that I'm
meant to be using, and write:

{\devnag dharmak.setre kuruk.setre\\ samavetaa yuyutsava.h\\ maamakaa.h
paa.n.davaa"scaiva kimakurvata sa.mjaya}

I get a jumble of Devanagari characters which in part resembles what I
wanted to see.  However, when I copied what was actually in the .tex file
of the manual to produce the same verse:

{\dn Dm\0\322w\?/\? \7{k}z\322w\?/\? smv\?tA \7{y}\7{y}(sv,.\\
mAmkA, pA\317wXvA\396w\4v Ekm\7{k}v\0t s\2jy..\par}

Then it comes out right.

It seems there is some kind of file that I haven't put in the right place
or something along those lines.

I am using a Mac.  Also, I am new to LaTeX as well as to the hands-on style
of dealing with the computer, so please be very clear and basic.  I am
learning how to use commands in the Terminal program, etc., and don't know
a lot of the concepts and language.

Does anyone know what I should do?

Another subsidiary question: Why does the author of the manual use this
other incomprehensible scheme to get the Devanagari output for his manual,
and not the straightforward Velthuis scheme?

Thank you,


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