[Tugindia] Portability to pagemaker??

giri giri at leos.gov.in
Thu Sep 6 12:53:11 CEST 2012

Sebin Jacob wrote:
> This is weird! Using tex, you could convert the end product as a .ps file.
> Pagemaker (adobe has stopped making it and now they offer indesign) also
> produces .ps. What goes to print is either .ps or .pdf file. Only problem
> is that neither pdf, nor ps can be edited further for petty mistakes. Most
> of the offset printers demand final output in these formats. Then what is
> the problem with this publisher? Is it that, they want to edit?
Hello Sebin:
They may want to edit, like put in page numbers,  running titles etc.
The editors of the journal have not told me what exactly the problem is. 
The following is the only information I have from them:

"The typesetting folks we have engaged for this issue have some issue 
with Tek.  They are not able to port this to pagemaker."

This morning I received another  one liner saying that  only MS word 
will be accepted (this,  after many assurances given to me that Latex 
submissions will be accepted, verbally and in the instructions to 
authors).  I offered to sit down with the typesetters and trouble shoot 
but that was not considered viable. This morning, I formally withdrew my 
accepted paper. The matter is now closed! I will send the paper elsewhere.

Thanks for all those on this list who responded.


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