[Tugindia] Portability to pagemaker??

giri giri at leos.gov.in
Thu Sep 6 05:41:36 CEST 2012

Josy P. Pullockara wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-09-05 at 14:26 +0530, giri wrote:
>> last minute their type setter is unable to "port the document in 
>> pagemaker" and that I have to submit an MS word version of the article.
>> ... 
>> Our paper has several mathematical equations and I 
>> am not sure how to convert it into MS word!?...
>> several citations and  cross references to figures and tables. 
>> 'Converting' all that into MS word would be a pointless exercise.
> There might have been more response if you had chosen the name
> Open-Office instead of M$-$%@! :-)
> One of the best solutions is through tex4ht. Use tex4ht to convert
> to .html (though there is a method to go directly to the open office
> format using tex4ht, I suggest the html approach). Then import this html
> into Open-Office *Again my recommendation is Open-Office instead of the
> thing that you want :-)* All the equations (images or mathml),
> citations, cross-references figure and tables would be preserved. You
> can then import it in Open-Office or many other software!
>> I have 
>> been advised to use more "universal software" such as MS word!!
> By the way point the editor and typesetter to the "multiverse" :-P
> http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/no-word-attachments.html
> Best,
Dear Dr. Pullockara:
Thank you for your reponse. In fact, I did receive some responses to my 
post since yesterday. The most helpful ones were from  Mr. Jagath  A R 
who gave me the following tips off the list. I am including the below 
for the benefit of others on the list. I hope Jagath is ok if I share 
his tips with others on this list.

Option 1:
Convert the LaTeX document to PostScript (PS) (LaTeX -> dvips -> PS) 
file and import the PS file to pagemaker using the import feature in it.

Option 2:
If the full TeX distribution is available, make use of the oolatex 
command to convert the TeX file to ODT format. After generating the ODT 
file, you can open it using openoffice or libreoffice and save it as DOC 
or DOCX file. Later open the DOC file using MSOFFICE and format the file.

To install tex4ht and associated scripts in Mandriva, you need to 
download and install the following rpm.
To install the rpm package please download the above rpm to /tmp and do 
the following in command prompt:
rpm -i /tmp/tex4ht-1.0.2005_07_17_1932-2mdv2007.0.i586.rpm* 
This will install *oolatex* as */usr/bin/oolatex*

Then just run your LaTeX file using oolatex:

*oolatex filename*
*filename.odt* will be produced.
Open it with *openoffice/libreoffice* to view the output.
The equations will be converted to images in the *filename.odt* file
(He has specifically mentioned Mandriva because that is my favourite flavor)

Option 3:
Since the typesetter insists on MS word, he can install this trial 
version software GrindEQ LaTeX-to-Word from following link.
http://www.grindeq.com/index.php?p=latex2word This will convert the 
LaTeX file to MS Word. As it is a trial version, it will convert  only 
10 LaTeX file to MS Word file. Please try this one. It also known to 
support mathematical equations greatly. My computer at home or office 
does not run MS word.

Option 4:  (Reponse from Dr. Holla, on list)
The typesetter can use the tex2word convertor from chikriisoftlabs 

I see this as a job for the  typesetter and the editorial team since 
they did not ask for camera ready copies nor did they provide any 
template to the authors. I would like to spend my time on my research 
and focus on content rather than typsetting (exactly what as system like 
Latex allows one to do).

I have forwarded these to the editors to be passed on to the 
typesetters. Not heard from them yet, hope they did not get spooked!

Thanks to all on the list.


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