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Asha G dendron.15 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 08:06:41 CET 2011

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 12:25 PM, CV Radhakrishnan <cvr at river-valley.com>wrote:

> On 12/01/11 10:59 AM, Asha G wrote:
> > As you are based in Trivandrum, I can bring the stuff around for a
> > tutorial on fixing things. That might be more useful for me than
> > your fixing it and sending it to me.
> That would be the right solution. I have several visitors till end of
> next week (22 Jan), so can't be free without embarrassing them. You
> might choose a date in the succeeding week and let me know.
> > I also have many other questions - that could be cleared too. If
> > you can give me a convenient date and time, I can come with my
> > laptop. BTW, I did not have any problems with psfrag - so it could
> psfrag is a straight forward package, it has nothing to do with the
> operating system while pdfrack does something with the OS. It writes
> out stand alone TeX files of each figure you have included, calls
> LaTeX to create dvi, runs dvips to create eps which is then converted
> into pdf format. All these are done because pdfLaTeX does not accept
> eps format graphics while psfrag can work only with eps files. So
> knowing a bit of how to run a shell script is needed here.
> > not be a question of my lack of  knowledge of operating systems and
> > the like.
> Ignorance is not a crime, we're all ignorant at one point of time
> about everything we know now. Patience and systematic approach are
> needed when things go wrong with computers. People tend to believe
> that they do correctly, but computers fail or play tricks on them.
> Best regards
> --
> Radhakrishnan
> Would 24th Jan be fine with you? If so, kindly let me have your address and
mobile no. too. I will ring you before 22nd and fix a correct time to come
and also find out the way to reach there.
Thanks for your help.
Asha Gopinathan

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