[Tugindia] pdfrack

Asha G dendron.15 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 06:29:38 CET 2011

As you are based in Trivandrum, I can bring the stuff around for a tutorial
on fixing things. That might be more useful for me than your fixing it and
sending it to me.
I also have many other questions - that could be cleared too.
If you can give me a convenient date and time, I can come with my laptop.
BTW, I did not have any problems with psfrag - so it could not be a question
of my lack of  knowledge of operating systems and the like.
Asha Gopinathan

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 9:43 AM, CV Radhakrishnan <cvr at river-valley.com>wrote:

> On 12/01/11 9:26 AM, Asha G wrote:
> [...]
> > However, doing pdfrack.sh  filename.tex  gives me the following error :
> >  pdfrack.sh: command not found
> [...]
> If you can trust me, you may kindly send me your LaTeX source document
> and figures off the list. Even if you don't trust me, I won't be hurt
> as I respect the sensitivity of an unpublished research article/data.
> In that case, I need a minimal test file with a figure without which I
> may not be able to help you.
> I'm afraid, you do not seem to know certain operating system basics.
> It is difficult to tell all those through a mail and even if I try
> hard, it is likely to fail at your end.
> I can make your document OK and will send you an archive that will
> work out of the box in your system. With the changes in place and
> after evaluating those changes, you will know how to do things in future.
> Best
> --
> Radhakrishnan
> Writings prepared without understanding must fail in the
> first objective of communication -- informing the uninformed.

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