[Tugindia] pdfrack

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at cvr.cc
Mon Jan 10 10:04:29 CET 2011

On 10/01/11 1:50 PM, Asha G wrote:
> or provide without extension:
>>   \usepackage{/home/ashag/Desktop/passivedendritcorr/pdfrack}
>> Extension in the \usepackage command will result in a file not found
>> error (pdfrack.sty.sty not found).
>> I have downloaded pdfrack.sty into passivedendritecorr
> also pdfrack-V0.4.tar.gz into passivedendritecorr
> Yet, when I compile pdflatex, I still get the error message :
> File '/home/ashag/Desktop/passivedendritecorr/pdfrack.sty' not found.
> \usepackage

That is very strange. I just downloaded the pdfrack tarball from the
URL provided earlier, decompressed the archive which exploded into a
directory, namely, pdfrack. Then changed my working directory to
pdfrack/testFiles, wherein I could successfully run

  ./pdfrack.sh -k testpdfrack.tex

  (-k switch is to keep all intermediary files for debugging)

   pdflatex testpdfrack.tex

which eventually created testpdfrack.pdf that could be properly
rendered in my pdf viewer.

Can you briefly described how did you try? Also, send me a small test
file with a small figure off the list to debug your problem.

Best regards

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