[Tugindia] Want help in creating counters

Kannan Moudgalya kannan at iitb.ac.in
Wed Jul 14 02:55:19 CEST 2010

Radhakrishnan CV wrote:
> Ah, you need to include the redefinition of the counter in the
> definition of \curlabel. Please see below:
This is precisely what I need at this time.  Thanks a lot.  We have just 
started a Scilab textbook companion project.  The idea is to take a 
standard textbook (in any field) and code all the worked out examples 
using Scilab.  The Scilab code will have the same counter number as 
those of the examples in the textbook.  I have defined a code 
environment for this purpose.  I am also using the listings package to 
list the code.  The Scilab textbook companion will be created using LaTeX.

Suppose that a student wants to see the Scilab code for example 6.3 in 
the mathematics textbook by Kreyzsig.  With this numbering system 
developed here, he can easily locate the code. 

Through community participation, we hope to develop such Scilab 
companions, wherever applicable, for ALL standard textbooks in ALL 
disciplines.  I ran a pilot on this during the summer.  We developed 
companions for five textbooks through summer interns, who came from such 
far-off places as Srinagar and Trichy.  The National Mission on 
Education through ICT (http://spoken-tutorial.org/NMEICT-Intro) is 
supporting this project.

This project will solve the documentation problem for Scilab.  The 
textbooks are the (extremely well written) documents for the 
companions!  The word Scilab in the above discussion can be replaced by 
any other open source system (e.g. Python). 
> % But this has the drawback of including \thesection in a hard way into
> % \curlabel. You need to parametrize this too, if you want to use it for
> % other environents as well.  That is why, I asked for a minimal
> % example, so that we can design the macro in a crafty way.
Thanks for this offer as well.  I will take a rain check on this.  What 
I would like is a good tutorial on writing macros.  Is there a video 
lecture on this?  Can anyone make a spoken tutorial on this?


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