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Thu Dec 30 04:46:48 CET 2010

Re : tugindia Digest  Vol. 96 Issue 7 reg. PS frag
Asha Gopinathan SCTIMST, Trivandrum

I also had problems when using psfrag with pdflatex. psfrag did not work
properly with pdflatex.  I used to create a fig in XFig, with psfrag tags
and export it as a post-script figure file, and then convert into a pdf file
using ps2pdf. Then pdf latex the latex file.  This is time consuming.

Later I used, in XFig, the greek symbol fonts at the approprite places where
the legends or tags are to be put, save it as a .fig file, and also export
it as a .pdf figure.  This pdf figure can then be directly included in a
/includefigure environment in a latex file, and pdflatex-ed.

I am giving below details of a package "pdftrack".  I have not used it


C. Dattatreyan

 Pdfrack Home page

By Marc Boyer-Gandon

(Marc.Boyer at enseeiht.fr)

 I am a happy user of the psfrag LaTeX package. Nervertheless, I sometimes
need to use pdflatex to produce pdf document with hyperlinks.

But, since psfrag uses some special Postscript features, it is incompatible
with pdflatex which directly generates the pdf document from the LaTeX
source. And, there is no pdffrag package :-(

Then, I have developped for my personnal use a hack that uses latex +
dvips+ some ps to pdf filter, to generates one pdf figure for each ps
figure, with
the psfrag replacements.

It is ugly, but it is sufficient to me

More details can be found in the README

Other solutions

   - DrawAt Matthijs Douze (another member from
   has developped DrawAt <http://www/%7Edouze/drawat/index.html>, a solution
   for MacOS X only.
   - unpsfrag Félix Valado Pomarinho <http://www.gts.tsc.uvigo.es/%7Efiz/>has
   developped a perl script:

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