[Tugindia] about .esp graphics

CV Radhakrishnan cvr at river-valley.com
Mon Dec 6 02:49:27 CET 2010

On 06/12/10 7:02 AM, David Owen wrote:

1) Your first one is a Windows problem, nothing to do with TeX.


> 2)   I am writing another paper and I wish to have all of my figures at the
> end of the document. I included     \usepackage{endfloat}    in the
> preamble, however, I get an error:
> "<...................  .ttt>
> <......................  .fff>>
> Runaway argument?
> File ended while scanning use of \next.
> <inserted text>


> Have I left out something? What have I done wrong?

It runs fine here, I could not replicate your problem with the given
example. Can you provide a small test file that shows the problem?

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