[Tugindia] about .esp graphics

David Owen twychicky at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 02:32:13 CET 2010

HI, Everybody,
Thanks for all your help.
I have two more little problems and will appreciate any help.
1)   I have produced some EPS files starting from the corresponding EXCEL
files, however, when I open the files in Ghostview I see only 3/4 of the
files! Can some tell me what is wrong and what I should do in order to see
the whole figure. However, when I place them in a document they compile
nicely and I see everything.

2)   I am writing another paper and I wish to have all of my figures at the
end of the document. I included     \usepackage{endfloat}    in the
preamble, however, I get an error:
"<...................  .ttt>
<......................  .fff>>
Runaway argument?
 File ended while scanning use of \next.
<inserted text>
.....    "

I called the figs with:

       \caption{Population .... multiplicative,~ \protect\\ harvesting rate
exponential}    %%%%%    Note   \protect\\  statement.
   %%%% See Keith Reckdahl "Using imported graphics in Latex2" pages. 51,

Have I left out something? What have I done wrong?
Any help will be appreciated.

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