[Tugindia] Malayalam LaTeX 0.9.6 - old lipi (rachana) problems

Swami Pallasena swami at math.mun.ca
Mon May 12 15:02:57 CEST 2008

While processing with "old lipi" option, that is,
 	mal file.mm rachana
the following compound syllables are processed only in the
New Lipi (and not in rachana old lipi).

1. "yu", "yuu" combinations after a consonant such as
kyu, cyu, gyu, Tyu, Syu, shyU, cyuu, gyuu, Tyuu, bhyuu,  etc.
are processed only in New Lipi. How can we ask the preprocessor to get old 
lipi in these cases?

2. R (or L) + a double consonant +  u(U) such as
Rkku, Rjju, Rnnu, TppU, Lkku, Ljju, LTTu, LTTuu, Lkkuu,  etc
produce only the New lipi, but the problem can be solved if we
use a "{}" after the R/L  as in 
R{}kku, R{}jju, L{}TTu, and so on.

The problem with "Rva" (use "R{}va") is already pointed out in the 
documentation for Malayalam TEx 0.9.6  (page 9).

I guess these are minor limitations of the "mal" pre-processor
sinceall the above syllables are printedcorrectly  in Old Lipi while
using Malayalam Omega 1.0.2 with "old lipi" option.

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