[Tugindia] LaTeX to HTML

mkalidoss at bsnl.in mkalidoss at bsnl.in
Tue Feb 26 07:27:47 CET 2008

Dear TUG,
1. What are the differences between TeX4ht and LaTeX2Html--
    in usage, compiling and quality of output.

2. Right now, I am trying TeX4ht package and have encountered
    the following problems:
   a) $\subseteq$ symbol does not appear in the output, instead
       only a box appears. 
   b) The figure drawn with PSTricks, fails to appear in the output;
       the output contains only, say, the labels like $v_1$ and not
       the pslines.  However, when the lines in the TeX file corresponding
       to \uput[d](3,5) {$v_1$} etc. are commented out, all the pslines
   c) In the case of some other figures (also drawn with PSTricks), the 
       figures appear to be clipped on the left hand side.

Thanks in advance for your help.
M. Kalidoss

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