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Hi, Everyone,
Thanks for the help. I have two more little problems:
1)   I have tried to center on a page,  say,  the title "Introduction" by
but it does not work. I am using Winedt and it gives the message
"Something's wrong. Perhaps a missing \item".
If I use
\centerline{  \bf{ Introduction} }
this does not give me what I want.
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

2) Can someone tell me how to leave a space of say, 3.5cm, at the top of the
first page of a document but leave a margin of 4cm on all other pages?
Thanks again for everything.
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Regarding 1) the package titlesec package is
 a very comprehensive package 
for customising chapter and section headings.
Regarding leaving space on the first page, 

Regarding 2) there is a possible way.
If you want to do it manually then use 
the \changepage{} command in the chngpage.sty 
which is part of ltxmisc to 
change the textheight for the first page.  Then, add 
a command  \afterpage{\changepage{}} commands to change the 
textheight for the remaining pages. You need to load the 
package afterpage.sty to use the \afterpage command.
Note:The documentation for \changepage command is 
in the file chngpage.sty.
Best regards,
S. Venkataraman

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