[Tugindia] need your help

Tahir Hashmi tnhashmi at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 06:20:47 CEST 2008

santosh saxena wrote:

> research paper has been accepted for publication in Mathematical
> Communications. After that I got a mail to send standard Latex or AMS-Latex
> file of my manuscript, I send the tex file converted from word file by


Usually research paper submissions are required to be in Latex for the 
sake of consistency in formatting. The publication would most likely 
also have suggested the styles etc. to use for writing your paper. You 
need to include those style packages in your Latex manuscript and write 
your paper after that. I don't suppose this is something that a 
converter can handle.

Though it would seem like a big deal to learn Latex and re-write your 
paper in it, think of it as an investment since, I suppose, you are 
going to be writing many more papers in the future. Besides, writing 
documents, especially math-heavy stuff, in Latex is much less 
frustrating than in MS Word :-)

Tahir Hashmi

We, the rest of humanity, wish GNU luck and Godspeed

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