[Tugindia] Kile again

S. venkataraman svenkat at ignou.ac.in
Fri Apr 27 11:40:28 CEST 2007

> Now I have problems,
> * setting the margins and page length. I did locate the commands but
> not
> sure where in the page they go in.
> * how do you set the title and abstract as one column in a two column
> article?
> * how do you set one column space aside for figures and tables in a
> column article?
What type of document are you typing? If it is a mathematics or physics
preprint, you can download style files from the journal.  You need not
the first and send part. The style files take care of all that.  They
also have an \abstract(or \begin{abstract}\end{abstract}) command that
take care of all these details.  If you want to know how switch between
2 columns and one column format use the package multicol. You can load
it with the command 
\usepackage{multicol}. This package allows you to switch between two
column and one column format easily. Also you can break a column at a
particular place with \columnbreak command. You can find the
documentation for the package in the directory <texmf-root
directory>/doc/tex/latex/tools. What do you mean by setting one column
space aside? Do you want to some figure later?  
Best regards,
[S. venkataraman] 

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