[Tugindia] Problem with malayalam

V. Sasi Kumar vsasi at hotpop.com
Sat Apr 7 07:11:33 CEST 2007

On Sat, 2007-04-07 at 09:44 +0530, E. Krishnan wrote:

> I take it that in spite of these warnings, the other files are properly 
> installed. In that case this is what you can do:
> 1. Under the /texmf/fonts/map/pdftex (and also under
>     /texmf/fonts/map/dvips,in case you want to create the PostScript
>     of a malayalam document), create a directory named "malayalam".
> 2. In the untarred "malayalam-0.9.2" directory, under the "fonts"
>     subdirectory you'll find two mapfiles "malayalam.map" and
>     "malayalam_pdftex.map". Copy the first to
>     /texmf/fonts/map/dvips/malayalam  and the second to
>     /texmf/fonts/map/pdftex/malayalam

There was no pdftex directory under /usr/share/texmf/fonts/map, but the
dvips directory was present. I created the pdftex directory also.

> 3. Run "texhash"
> > 2) When I compile using pdflatex, the pdf file shows no text. It says
> > that the fonts cannot be found. When I compile using latex, the dvi file
> > shows the text.
> At the beginning of your malayalam source file, include this line
>    \pdfmapfile{+malayalam_pdftex.map}
> Please get back if there are further problems.

Now Malayalam is compiling properly. Thanks for the help.

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