[Tugindia] Including svg figures

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Is it possible to include svg files in a latex document? I tried using
the graphicx package, but it did not recognise the file name extension.
Since svg is becoming increasingly popular, I was thinking that tex
would accept the format.

As far as I know, svg is not supported.(In fact all formats are 
supported externally in keeping with the philosophy behind latex.) What
you can probably
do is to use inkscape to convert to eps or some other format. 
Inkscape is free software and it is available for windows and linux.
However, to convert to other formats
it seems ImageMagick is needed. In Linux, most distributions come 
ImageMagick, so it is not an issue. For windows, you probably need
install it and make sure `convert' command is in the path.
S. Venkataraman

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