[Tugindia]Re: fancyheading

Manjusha Joshi msj at bprim.org
Thu Feb 23 06:40:49 CET 2006

> > Also, I am using \markboth{bookname}{chaptername}. This also works
> > fine. But when ever new section comes, after that my headings change
> > according to section automatically. If I again write \markboth
> > command with old arguments after new section, it gives again the
> > headings I want. But for that after every section  I need to write
> > \markboth command. Is there any way, that I can suppress arguments
> > given by section command for \leftmark and \rightmark, so that I need
> > not write \markboth after each new section.
> Just do this --
> \fancyheader[L]{} or
> \fancyheader[R]{}
> if you have one sided pages, else you can do
> \fancyheader[LE,RO]{} or
> \fancyheader[RE,LO]{}
> for both sided pages.
> Hope this helps :)
Instead \fancyheader
\fancyhead worked. but not exactly as per requirement.
I want to suppress \leftmark or \rightmark produce by \section command.
How to do that?
\fancyhead just do like putting stamp on each page. It doesn't care whether it 
is overlapping some text or not.
That means still \leftmark or \rightmark remains as it is.

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