[Tugindia] bibliography ,toc and Appendix

Biplab Raychaudhuri biplabr at rediffmail.com
Fri Sep 24 12:04:28 CEST 2004

I am writing my dissertation for Ph. D.  and facing the following problems. I first write the 

structure and then the problem.

\usepackage{.......} %several 
..... etc. 
\include{bibliography} %complete one, with \nocite{*} command.
I use BibTex for bibliography and use MikTeX/teTeX.

Problems are --
1) With 'chapterbib', I get bibliography at the end of each chapter but it does not come to "table of contents". How to get it?
2) After the \appendix  command, even the complete bibliography file is assigned as appendix (say here-- appendix 3) by LaTeX. But I donot want bibliography to be an appendix. How to do it?

Thanking you
Biplab Raychaudhuri
Department of Physics
Surya Sen Mahavidyalaya

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