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>Subject: [Tugindia] Re: Viewing document structure (V. Sasi Kumar)
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>In my version of Kile the left hand panel running across the monitor
>contains a tag which contains the document structure... this version of
>Kile came standard with SUSE 9.1.
>Most of the time I use Winedt with MikTex in windows - here i push the
>gather button, which opens up a window at the bottom of the screen, with
>a list of all the sections/subsections. I can click on any to jump to
>that section.
You have all those features in Kile. The latest is 1.6.3

> It also contains other tags containing all the labels, a
>list of bibliography items, citations, references, and finally a list of
>all the environments in my document - very useful.
>Hopefully this helped!?
Yes this part can be worked on ...it appears easy... that is if you can 
deal with the source code.
But it can be a big burden for long documents. .bib parts are better 
dealt with on a separate tab.


A. Mani
Member, Cal. Math. Soc

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