[Tugindia] Re: tugindia Digest, Vol 21, Issue 1

Stefan Scriba Scribas at ukzn.ac.za
Thu Sep 2 16:47:58 CEST 2004

>> Hi,      In some cases like citations, section titles, latex does not

>> "hyphenate"  at the end of the line. It leads to line overflow. Is
>> some way by which I can force latex to wraparound a word (through 
>> hyphenation) or simply move the (overflow) word to the next line
>> adjusting (increasing) the inter-word distance of the current line
so that 
>> the right indentation is the same as other lines. The second one
would be 
>> better as "hyphenating" some words looks ugly.
Have you tried the \\ command inside section titles? Haven't tried it
In case you don't know, to allow a word to be hyphenated at a certain
point and encourage it, use the \- command at the point in the word you
want it to be hyphenated. 
Also, check out \sloppy, which will allow more space between words in a
line and therefore move the offending word onto the next line... as
opposed to the default \fussy, which will keep the word on the same line
and cause an overflow error. You can use the
\begin{sloppypar}...\end{sloppypar} environment, for a section of
Hopefully this helps,


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