[Tugindia] Early example of GPL?

yoga at math.iisc.ernet.in yoga at math.iisc.ernet.in
Tue Oct 26 13:41:30 CEST 2004

> yoga at math.iisc.ernet.in writes:
>> I recently came across a work in Sanskrit *Sanaatana Vigyana
>> Samudaya*, authored by one Venkataramanacharya and published in
>> 1944. The thing that interested me (which may interest some readers
>> of this mail-list) is the copyright which reads: Copyright of this
>> work is not reserved by the author, as the work is solely intended
>> for the general enlightenment. So, if more copies are required at
>> any time, any individual or agency may get the work re-printed in
>> any number of copies, without claiming copyright to the work. If,
>> however, any explanation or notes, or translation in any language is
>> written on, and affixed to the work, then copyright may, justly and
>> rightly, be claimed and reserved by any individual or his agent or
>> representative or by any Educational Institution, or by any other
>> agency.
> You are confusing "Public Domain" (which is quite an old concept) with
> "GPL".  The point of the GPL as contrasted to PD is exactly that the
> GPL restricts all usage to the kind that preserves the rights for all
> further recipients.
> The above licence is much closer to the current BSD licence than to
> the GPL, except that the BSD licence still reserves copyright and
> demands that copyright notices are retained, while granting all usage.
> The above licence does not even demand that.  It is really pretty much
> a "release in the public domain" statement, not at all like the GPL.

I stand corrected.


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