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S. venkataraman svenkat at ignou.ac.in
Fri May 21 07:05:04 CEST 2004

I also do not use Lyx, but Lyx is useful for 
As far as I know fonts may not be a 
 problem.  There are enough indic fonts for 
 Xwindows.  (Please correct me if I am wrong.)
 We can use BDF fonts in Xwindows.  What 
 we can do is to load the type 1 devanagari font
 dvng*.pfb into fontforge(earlier known as Pfaedit)and 
 save them as BDF fonts. It could be as simple as that. 
 What could be a bother are the key maps for various input 
 methods like devnag, itrans and inscript. I am not 
 very familiar with Lyx.  So, we need to dig a bit.
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S. Venkataraman
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> Hi,
>  at Sarai, there's been a discussion on expanding the reach of devnag 
> LaTeX. One of the ideas is to get LyX to support devnag. AS 
> we know, LyX 
> is a WYSIWYM GUI for LaTeX.
>  This means getting the user to type in devnagari using a key-layout 
> like traditional WYSIWYGs. A different screen font (as 
> available with X) 
> could be used for this. Thus, we could get the quality of 
> LaTeX at the 
> backend and native input at the frontend. I know, this may 
> mean less to 
> some of us used to velthius transliteration but I think it will be 
> useful. Many technical issues will be involved.
>  What is the lists feedback? I suppose discussion on this should 
> continue over the long-term on devnag-general or developers 
> channel. I 
> need some technical inputs also.
> Amitabh
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