[Tugindia] Help - question about increemnting table numbers

CV Radhakrishnan cvr at river-valley.org
Sat Jun 12 15:38:19 CEST 2004

<quote who="Ajay Shah">

> I am not understanding.
> I normally do:
>   \begin{float}
>     \begin{tabular}{}
>     \end{tabular}
>     \caption{Blah}\label{t:blah}
>   \end{float}
> You are saying that I put this identical material into x.tex and say:
> \afterpage{\clearpage\input{x.tex}}
> This will correctly give me the float style, the caption, and the
> numbering scheme of float.sty?

The problem of mixing floating and non-floating tables is the non-sequential
typesetting of tables in the document. ie., a floating table with table number, say
2 may occur after non-floating table number 3.  Actually, it should typeset before
the non-floating table 3, but at times, LaTeX's float algorithm would move the
float after it.  To prevent this, you might use


so that placement and numbering of tables will not be affected and will be in the
sequential order as you wished.

Hope this makes the problem clear. If you have still doubts, please get back.


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