[Tugindia] About linkage (hyper-text).

Karthikeyan. P karthikp at sps.co.in
Thu Jun 3 07:10:35 CEST 2004

Dear All,

My problem is linking option like hyper text. My requirement

e.g. \label{thik1}, etc.

     \ref{thik1}, etc.

Above label is giving for whatever commands, environments (e.g. section,
figure, table,
equation, bibitem). That \ref{thik1} will show some numbers (1), etc. in DVI

My requirement is If, I will click on \label{thik1} (whatever number,
in DVI view), it will go to corresponding \ref{thik1} number, in DVI
view any page. How I can over come from this problem, kindly help me.

Thanks in advance for all

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