[Tugindia] Devnag and unicode

S. venkataraman svenkat at ignou.ac.in
Wed Feb 25 06:10:30 CET 2004

> 1) I've installed itrans package and devnag as well. I've 
> noticed, that there is support for omega for devanagari in 
> devnag. I managed to install devnag package and process files 
> (normally, in latin2 encoding using transliteration scheme, 
> doing latex; and writing the same in UTF-8, directly in 
> editor, doing lambda). But I wanted to write in devanagari 
> directly, because I have special editor-- Yudir for UTF-8. I 
> managed to do it in Yudit, but after processing the document 
> I've got more letters than in input file. While? The where no 
> ligatures and about 3 times more letters (not the letters I 
> entered). When I tried to write indirectly (through 
> transliteration, latin2) letters occured properly, but still 
> without ligatures. Is there any posiibility to write directly 
> into input file? Yudit works with*ttf fonts, maybe that's the 
> problem? 
You will see why unicode doesn't work with omega 
Once you read this file.  This is the article you 
There are some OTPs and OCPs that convert from unicode to 
 devanagari. So, the ultimate encoding used is devanagari.
One can try removing these OTPs OCPs from the style file 
 perhaps. I haven't tried this out. If I remember correctly,
 some charcters are missing in the Unicode.  

I have used omega with very small documents.  So, I am not
 really an expert.  Amitabh Trehan and Prof. Wagish Shukla have
Described their experiences in this article.  They were using
 devanagari with a preprocessor. You may find this useful.
Here is another article by Rajkumar on Indic fonts:
Regarding the comparison between itrans and devnag, I found
Itrans lot more easier to use.  Also, there are lot of sanskrit
 documents in the web using this encoding. But, as of now, there 
  is no omega style file for itrans.  If you want to use itrans in
 you may find the itranslator package useful.  You can key in the
 /devanagari text, save the text, add the latex commands, and the run
the itrans 
  preprocessor followed by latex.  A bit round about way.  But, in
  you can convert what you type into devanagari by pressing a button;
you can
  defer processing by latex till you have finalised the text.
Hope this helps,
With best regards,
S. Venkataraman.

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