[Tugindia] Devnag and unicode

Anna Choma anchom at wp.pl
Tue Feb 24 17:35:07 CET 2004

Dear TeX Users!

I'm writing the first time to TUGIndia. I try to write LaTeX documents with
dewanagari and tamil fonts. Theese are not my native languages, so please,
be indulgent for my shortage of knowledge. I've looked through Archive, but
failed to find anwers to all my questions.

1) I've installed itrans package and devnag as well. I've noticed, that
there is support for omega for devanagari in devnag. I managed to install
devnag package and process files (normally, in latin2 encoding using
transliteration scheme, doing latex; and writing the same in UTF-8,
directly in editor, doing lambda). But I wanted to write in devanagari
directly, because I have special editor-- Yudir for UTF-8. I managed to do
it in Yudit, but after processing the document I've got more letters than
in input file. While? The where no ligatures and about 3 times more letters
(not the letters I entered). When I tried to write indirectly (through
transliteration, latin2) letters occured properly, but still without
ligatures. Is there any posiibility to write directly into input file?
Yudit works with*ttf fonts, maybe that's the problem? 

2) I have also doubt about which fonts (Velthius) are correct. 
Theese are type1 from CTAN: 

dvng10.pfb  dvng8.pfb  dvng9.pfb

I found another versions of theese fonts. 
Itrans supports some of the ligatures, does devnag support them to?
Does itrans have different fonts from devnag?

3) When can I find any manual to omega/devnag?. I was lookinfg for Yannis
Haralambous and Jhon Plaice "Low-level Devanagari support for Omega ---
adopting devnag", TUGboat, Volume 23 (2002), proceeding of the 2002 Annual
Meeting. Could anuone tell me, when can I find it? Or when can I find any
other documentaions, texts about texing in indian scripts? I could't also
find the home page of the Omega project. The one link in Omega
documentation is not valid. 

4) Which is the best way of writing in devanagari using LaTeX. 
Itrans or devnag? Another way?

Every comment and advice would be very precious for me.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Anna Choma

mailto:anchom at wp.pl
Warsaw, Poland

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