[Tugindia] Latex to word or pdf to word

Dileep Padinjarae Vengasseri dileep_pv at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 11 16:55:12 CET 2004


Same old problem! All my documents are in LaTeX and
and the final forms in pdf. My professor wants most of
them as that stupid word files (his favourite program
:-( ). I have checked most of the options that I could
find out by surfing (like latex to rtf and latex to
html, followed by cut and paste in open office etc.).
I was wondering if there is a software by which I can
convert my final pdf files to word files without
losing any information. I tried some of the freewares
available, but I was having problems with my figures.
Any help would be highly appreciated since I am in a
fix now. :-)

With best regards,


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