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Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Fri Feb 6 06:57:37 CET 2004

>>>>> "Amitabh" == amitabhtrehan  <amitabhtrehan at softhome.net> writes:

    Amitabh> Hi cvr and the list, 

    Amitabh> It has been such a wonderful experience being involved
    Amitabh> with the devnag package - there has been so much to learn
    Amitabh> and such wonderful interactions. I think it is very
    Amitabh> important that TugIndia accept the baton and take the
    Amitabh> wokr forward. The developers - John, Dominik and
    Amitabh> Anshuman, and all others, have done a wonderful job
    Amitabh> indeed. There have been wonderful improvements in the
    Amitabh> recent times, and I think the whole package is on the
    Amitabh> brink of something wonderful. 

True, a newer version is released a week ago.  I guess, you might have
tested it.

    Amitabh> I think the core group at TRV and people like Alex AJ,
    Amitabh> who also brought out the bold, italic variants can really
    Amitabh> envisage something. I know, it is too much to ask
    Amitabh> everything of the same set of people!

Yet another reason is that people would imagine that we in Trivandrum
are trying to monopolize every bit of development.  That is why, I
brought it to the notice of all in the list. However, there was only
one qualified response (from Bangalore), which again demands the
developers in Trivandrum to participate actively.  I would talk to the
current maintainers about their preferences.

    Amitabh> For one thing, I had passed on the suggestion to Anshuman
    Amitabh> of bringing the package to sarovar. This suggestion is
    Amitabh> reiterated.

devnag maintainers have no objection to move the project to
sarovar.org and indeed it is going to happen very soon, at the latest
by the end of next week.

    Amitabh> Unfortunately, at a personal level, I am not able to give
    Amitabh> much more than testing of new facilities (actually, with
    Amitabh> the efforts of dr. Wagish Shukla) of devnag to the
    Amitabh> package. Things are very tied up for the moment and will
    Amitabh> remain so for some time. Still,hoping things with devnag
    Amitabh> can go forward.

I hope, still you might spare some time to test the releases and send
feedback which would help the developers in a larger way.

    Amitabh> Amitabh Trehan



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