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Mon Feb 2 08:18:51 CET 2004

> Here is a simple way of tweaking \maketitle (seldom elegant) to
> accommodate multiple authors with multiple affiliations.  People can
> see how trivial it is to modify this further (like alignment, spacing,
> font attributes, ...) to create their own custom title.

This has immense educational value for people wanting to learn LaTeX 
programming. Thanks a lot. There is a minor mismatch - the superscripts 
come in roman in the authors list but in italics in their addresses. One 
possibility is to replace \textsuperscript{#1} in the definition of 
\Xaddress to \textsuperscript{\rm #1}.
> \long\def\Xaddress[#1]#2{\g at addto@macro\@address{%
>     \normalfont\footnotesize\itshape\textsuperscript{#1}#2\par}}
> % address with ids

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