[Tugindia] Pslatex and Pdflatex

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Mon Sep 29 09:55:14 CEST 2003

>>>>> "shrivijay" == shrivijay phadke <sbphadke at hotmail.com> writes:

    shrivijay> One guess: Pagesize options in dvips may not be same as
    shrivijay> those with pdflatex.

Can that change the page breaks in dvi and pdf? Operation of dvips
comes up only after the dvi is created, which cant alter the

    >> From: Kiran Karande <kirank at sebi.gov.in> Reply-To:
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    >> To: tugindia at tug.org Subject: [Tugindia] Pslatex and Pdflatex
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Shrivijay: Please don't top post. It might be a great help, if you
could read the list guidelines in this matter.

    Kiran> My thesis is 100 (a4 size) pages (pdf output). It has six
    Kiran> chapters. It has mostly text and some tables. When I
    Kiran> process the latex file using pslatex (instead of pdflatex),
    Kiran> the output (dvi / ps) is 95 (a4 size) pages. On comparing
    Kiran> the pdf and ps output, I observe that for the ps output, a
    Kiran> few more lines get printed per page resulting in five pages
    Kiran> less overall. There is no loss of output. There is no
    Kiran> problem either. I am using the book class and the preamble
    Kiran> is same in both cases.

    Kiran> Any comments as to why the ps output is less (in number of
    Kiran> pages) than pdf output ? Am I missing something ?
    Kiran> Practically, the ps output is better for me because I save
    Kiran> on paper.

* Can you make sure you use the same fonts? Even if you use the same
  class file and if you dont specify any fonts, pdfLaTeX compilation
  will use default CMR fonts and psLaTeX will use times, helvetica and
  courier combination, since without your knowledge it loads
  pslatex.sty. An obvious result is reduction in pages.

* Secondly, even if you've specified \usepackage{times}, pdfLaTeX run
  will not scale up/down the fonts used. Instead psLaTeX would scale
  down a bit helvetica and courier to make it match with the size of
  times, hence the appearance would be more graceful.

Surely, you won't loose any data, but line/page breaks would change.
However, you can create identical output if you load pslatex.sty
during pdfLaTeX run.


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