[Tugindia] Could we able to increase the default dimension?

Baskaran.K baskaran at sps.co.in
Mon Sep 29 15:28:59 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Baskaran" == Baskaran K <baskaran at sps.co.in> writes:

    Baskaran> I set a box to find the width of the figure caption for
    Baskaran> formatting caption.  Suppose the box width is above
    Baskaran> 17000pt, then it will show the following error

    Baskaran> ! Dimension too large.

Is not that sufficient for a caption? Note that the default maximum
dimension is 18.9 feet. I am curious to know the situation where you
need a dimension beyond 18.9 feet.

Assuming that the figure caption is 18.9 feet wide, what will be the
size of the figure and what will be the dimensions of the paper?  Is
there any device that supports such a dimension?  


Dear sir,

The caption text is one page; less than a4paper. We use one style file for
copy editing purpose, so the point size of caption is 14pt/16pt.I find the
dimension of
caption, if the width of the caption less than textwidth then the caption
is centered, otherwise the caption is like a paragraph. So first i find the 
dimension by \setbox0=\hbox{caption} then find \ifdim\wd0>\textwidth
....\then ....\fi
if i find the dimension then it will show error on this one page text.

Thanking you sir

Baskaran NK

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