[Tugindia] Pslatex and Pdflatex

Kiran Karande kirank at sebi.gov.in
Mon Sep 29 11:08:11 CEST 2003


My thesis is 100 (a4 size) pages (pdf output). It has six chapters. It
has mostly text and some tables. When I process the latex file using
pslatex (instead of pdflatex), the output (dvi / ps) is 95 (a4 size)
pages. On comparing the pdf and ps output, I observe that for the ps
output, a few more lines get printed per page resulting in five pages
less overall. There is no loss of output. There is no problem either. I
am using the book class and the preamble is same in both cases.

Any comments as to why the ps output is less (in number of pages) than
pdf output ? Am I missing something ? Practically, the ps output is
better for me because I save on paper.



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