[Tugindia] so many problems- please help me out

M.N .Vijay Bhaskar mnvijay at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 16 08:10:43 CEST 2003

Hi all, 
  I am vijay a student in Texas Tech Univ, I and work for a prof to 
prepare some docs in LaTeX.
  I started using Latex recently and I am in lot of troubles here.
  I hope u all could help me in using LaTeX efficiently.

  Here I write some of the problems that I am having..
  I am presently creating a document which is a research paper.
  I am using the MikTex software and the WinEdit editor. I 
downloaded and installed all the packages that are available in 
  Basically the paper was a thesis paper so it was created with the 
\documentclass{ttuthes} . The ttuthes document class is a thesis 
format that is recommended by our univ. I have to now replace this 
with something else, because when submitting the paper for 
publishing they would not accept this format. 
    I tried using the "article" class but i am having lots of 
errors. What I feel is that since there might be some differences 
between "ttuthes" format and "article" format, related to the 
commands that are recognized in them. Is this the reason? Or what 
might be the reason? Some commands work in article format and some 
work in ttuthes format. Like the align is not working in the 
tthuthes. Only aligned is working in it. \maketitle doesnt work in 
ttuthes. its also not working in the article format...

Hope u can help me out...

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