[Tugindia] placing figures in correct places in report class

#NAVEEN.N# naveen at pmail.ntu.edu.sg
Sat Sep 13 22:42:13 CEST 2003

>>> It could be like:

>>> \renewcommand\floatpagefraction{.95}
>>> \renewcommand\textfraction{.05}

>>> This makes LaTeX to keep the float and text in a single page even if
>>> the float height is upto 95% of \textheight.  The default value of
>>> will push a float to last page if the height exceeds 50% of
>>> and definitely all figures after this eratic figure will be flushed
>>> to the end.

I have a doubt here. Is not \floatpagefraction the minimum ratio of the
space occupied by the floats to blank space in a float page. Hence a
value of 0.5 for \floatpagefraction would mean that a page can have only
floats provided the floats occupy atleast 50% of the page space. If the
value is redefined as 0.95 then, wouldn't the conditions become more
stringent for a float page?


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