[Tugindia] feedback on pdfscreen

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Thu Sep 11 13:17:07 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Amitabh" == Amitabh Trehan <amitabhtrehan at softhome.net> writes:

    Amitabh> Hi, I've been putting pdfscreen to various tasks and its
    Amitabh> a wonderful package. For a presentation I've been
    Amitabh> preparing I've used the flexibility in panels it gives .

Thank you for the compliments.

    Amitabh> However, there seems to be a small problem in my opinion:

    Amitabh> If one manually changes the size of the panel by
    Amitabh> \panelwidth=Xin, the panel does get adjusted to Xin but
    Amitabh> the overlaywidth and textwidth does not change ( seeing
    Amitabh> the source file, I think the Panelwidth is fixed to .15
    Amitabh> pagewidth and the rest to overlay.  

That is not the panelwidth, but the lowest panelwidth one can
have. You can increase to any level.

It is trivial to make the lowest value allowed for panelwidth to any
desired value. The question is -- does that serve the purpose.  In my
experience, going less than 15% of the screenwidth can cause bizarre
results, that is why I hard wired it to a minimum of 15%.  

Those who don't need the panel can choose 'nopanel' option. Still you
can have the navigation buttons as tiny stuff in the bottom with the
command \bottombuttons.

    Amitabh> So, if I use a wider margin, the overlay slids under the
    Amitabh> panel. To adjust that, one has to manually set overlay
    Amitabh> width also. I think we should have a provision for auto
    Amitabh> adjustment of overlay width and textwidth w.r.t. panel
    Amitabh> width.  

It is still there. You need not tweak the overlaywidth at all. It will
recompute widths/margins and will automatically adjust. But you have
to provide all the commands that change dimensions before \screensize,
because, it is this function that does all the recomputation work.

    Amitabh> Also, if I use panelleft with a wide Panel, My text
    Amitabh> starts from within the Panel.  Again, I think this is due
    Amitabh> to adjustment requirements of margins and widths.

No, that is because, you changed dimensions after \marginsize.
pdfscreen doesn't recognize changes after that.



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