[Tugindia] windvi / itrans problem

amitava maity amaity at vsnl.net
Sat Oct 25 10:58:24 CEST 2003

S. venkataraman wrote:

> Hi,
> I am somewhat puzzled why the creation of localtexmf doesn't
> work.   Adding itrans to the path does not help in solving your



>  told you. Read the documentation on creating localtexmf trees a bit
> more carefully. Look at the documentation on TDS(tex directory
> structure) that must be in the TeX Live CD.
> Best of luck,
> Venkataraman.
I should have give the entire directory structure before stating my 
problem. Anyway I have deleted the entire TexLive intallation and have 
re-installed it.I now have

C:\Windows\Temp\Tex\texmf\......... containing the necessay cnfiguration 
files. It seems automatically generated font files will also be stored 
here. (TexLive documentation)

C:\Program Files\TexLive.............. with the following directories in 
it - \bin, \texmf, \texmf-var

I have installed WinShell instead of NTEmacs which is in
C:\Program Files\WinShell
and ghostscript in C:\gs

The TexLive documentation says that files not provided by the TexLive 
distribution should go to
C:\Program Files\TexLive\texmf-local

So where should the lib and bin files of the itrans53 package go? Where 
must the fonts files go?

Sincerely - amaity.

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