[Tugindia] windvi / itrans problem

S. venkataraman svenkat at ignou.ac.in
Wed Oct 22 11:23:01 CEST 2003

> Mr Venkatraman
> Many thanks for the help offered so far and the link that you 
> posted. I 
> have run texhash but it doesn't help. After a lot of head 
> scratching I 
> realise that I have not added anything to autoexecute.bat but 
> I not sure 
>   if this is a problem.
I am somewhat puzzled why the creation of localtexmf doesn't
work.   Adding itrans to the path does not help in solving your
 problem. If you add the directory containing itrans to your path
 you will be able to run itrans from any directory without specifying 
 the full path. This will not solve your problem.
 Windvi needs the .pk files for the fonts that it has 
 to display.  If it can't find them, it runs metafont program on the 
 .mf files to create them.  The windvi searches for the .mf files in
 specific directories. That is why you need to create a certain
hierarchy of 
 directories according to the tex directory structure(TDS).  If there is
a problem with 
 localtexmf structure, latex may complain that it cannot find the tex
font metric
 files for the devanagari font(files with .tfm extension). Take a look
at the log file.
 It may also quietly
 substitute computer modern fonts(in which case you should be able to
view the file, with nonsense in it, in 
 Windvi!) So, it seems that tex can find the .tfm files but windvi can
find neither the .mf 
 nor the .pk files. This is rather strange if you have created the
localtexmf trees as I
 told you. Read the documentation on creating localtexmf trees a bit
more carefully. Look at the documentation on TDS(tex directory
structure) that must be in the TeX Live CD.
Best of luck,

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